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that operation, it panted and breathed with great difficulty after
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over-exertion in the pursuit of wealth or other objects of ambition, Jong-
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Some of the causes are evidently of terrestrial origin, and some consist
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Diagnosis. — It is to be borne in mind that the fact of sugar existing in
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there had been gradual improvement. He came nnder my observation a,t
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sensibility, if this have been lost, is first restored, and it ma}^ become ab-
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tion of vessels by pressure, or cause a determination of blood within a
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at the outset of the disease, and soon after admission, the same
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sinuous veins of the corpora cavernosa to be cells ; — imagined that
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inflammation from part to part, and more especiall}^ the observance of
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Figs. 9, 10, and 14 Thionin-eosin preparation (fatigued).
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Liverpool, being chiefly composed of settled families rather than
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tween the Ungual and mandibular nerves in man, the chorda
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attacked with uraemia, there having been no manifestations of any affec-
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they had been once actually formed, there are some circum-
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endoplasm, becomes clearer and paler. This head-collar has
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the caudal end of the trigeminal motor nucleus. The lesion (Les.) is a little
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which oil-globules are adherent, called fatty casts, are significant of the
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The entire vermis was removed and cut so that a sagittal section
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fibras del cutdneo-facial se distribuyen por el ramo auricular
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acid, bearing to that of the base the proportion of three to one,
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come enlarged by the great extension of the vessels. If the great
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out denoting renal lesions. Hypertroph3^ of the heart without valvular
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consistence is less than in health, and pressure with the finger leaves an
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1911 The telencephalon of selachians. Jour. Comp. Neur., vol. 21,
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ated as follows: 1st. Where nervous trunks or branches emerge from the
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dition ma}^ be notabl}^ ameliorated. Not infrequently the quantity of
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It is possible that they are fibers from the anterior ethmoidal
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mingham, on the other hand, has found no decided effect from a trial of
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him nearly to the same classification as the science of Cuvier,
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skin ; the face was pale, the tongue slightly white, the bowels
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both spermatic and hypogastric, are very much enlarged. The
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and in one case it followed exposure to cold and wet.
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As regards the mode of vaccinating, if dried l}- mph be used, or lymph
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be injected for several days in succession into the bladder of dogs,
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swelling on the side on which the iodine was applied ; the vesicles were
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often noticed a group of these granules; this is to be interpreted