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Observations on the diagnosis of pneumonia ; by Dr. Ad-

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typhoid fever is also of course distinct, but the pathology of

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tent at least, in the stomach, for the experiments of Chitten-

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casional visiters from colder and less genial coun-

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Both tables were punched in and the dura mater con-

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when we reflect that it is almost impossible to excite the same act in other

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Montreal and Quebec, though cases are occurring in the vicinity of those

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chances if necessary. Stability under strain probably excellent. Good

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abscess appears at the upper part of the thorax and even above the clavicle ;

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be done here. It is sufficiently evident that the figures are

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until recently, has baffled all efforts toward successful treat-

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ventriculi. The latter complaint appears very frequently

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varying modulated contractions of the laryngeal muscles,

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lieutenant and assistant surgeon in the regular estab-

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strongly marked, and it is very difficult, or impossible, to

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only while the doctor’s office records may be kept in the

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Calculus," has aptly said : " To the trained urolc^t the most inter-

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Description. — The body is lancet shaped, brownish

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are suiject to the customary rules of editorial revision, and will be

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perhaps be useful to state that such experimental evidence as

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abdomen to determine the loop of intestine in which the

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