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ture of the clavicle. It will be placed in such position that there

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or, take laudanum a dram and a half; mastich and frankin-

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but when Stratenice came in, as she often did, either alone or with

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ionized, whereas in more concentrated solutions the ionization is less

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rubber. These are just the odors detectable by the human nose.

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found but such can hardly be included under this term and in females only

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onset is usually gradual, and is attended by husky voice, laryngeal cough,

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never yet been so tarnished. If Dr. D. or an} T one else wants proof, on either side,

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several days' suffering. Dr. Fridie was engaged to attend her with the second,

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manifested themselves and she explained the sensation by saying

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throat (at first often without fever), swelling of throat and

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the joints. This kind of treatment is becoming increasingly prevalent,

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symptoms. Moreover, these symptoms, become chronic, may have

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enlarged prostate and stone is not very infrequent,

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of Krause have not been shown to exist, viz., on the ocular con-

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animals, particularly in the pig. The intestine should be punc-

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numerically with the percentages of areal exposure of the body

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Description of Larva After First Molt. — After the first molt the

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fuls of white sugar over, then pour over the cream, allowing one

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toes, turnips and other vegetable food in place of grain,

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next dealt with, and its tissue effects. The remainder

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known to be sensitive. There have been reports of the fail-

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tion to the heart, action to the liver and kidneys, full and deep res-

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child of two years of age passed, with a little aid, a stone of the following di-

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important positions in the university and in public life.

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