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increased by lying on the opposite side ; pain in head and neck,
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Public Health. A cash prize is given to the graduat-
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Thornton, William H-., 570 Niagara St., Buffalo, Erie Co.
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applying or obtaining from a colleague the best treatment available.
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shall together constitute the Council of the Association.
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ened as they advance in age. The fatigue-limit is a great
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and ninth day, in from five to six grain doses. In not one of the
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fever, for children or old people, for weak persons,
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it into two sorts, one of which, probably the haematoblasts of Hayem, is quite
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and now a slight fulness is detected in the right iliac region.
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iii. 1889 ; fVien. med. Blatt. 17th Oct. 1895 ; Trans. Seventh Intern. Congress of Hygiene
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