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centrate themselves upon the epigastrium, nausea sets in, and soon
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25. The naval hospital located at the permanent naval base will act
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J. L,. Morse, Boston (Journal A. M. A., February 6), de-
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ture. After laborious search, he found where he could obtain
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than double watch-glasses; but the process is very precarious and
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the eye by oblique illumination. Ann. Ophth. & Otol.. St.
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make analyses; these become facts on which they may be summoned like
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bodily heat in fever, and frequently induce sweating. The
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entirely upon increased temperature and moisture, and not on an ex-
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tainly it has happened, as stated above, that this disease has oc-
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vertebra firmly in the false position make no opposi-
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letter from the special I^ondon correspondent, the follow-
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eral feebleness. As negative points there were no symptoms about the eyes,
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was led, on account of the intimate relations between the thyroid
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Physical Signs of Pleurisy. — When the exudation is scanty^
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operation in the case of other forms of localized tuberculosis
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tumors, abscesses, etc., in this part of the brain must be
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arthritic" and "rheumatoid" could be granted, it would simplify the dis-
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some of its strata might be regarded as a sensory expanse, the
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each leucocyte representing 5 per cent, of the polymorphonuclear
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The type of antigen most suitable for complement-fixation tests in
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sion of the disease by atmospheric currents belonged to
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ages in South Africa, was a distinguished student at University College,
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a budget for each year's work, enabling them to have as many of these
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SD has no personal income tax; no personal property tax; and no
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trated dosage and the intraspinal administration of
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