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hereditary, but most frequently acquired after adult

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men, ptosis or sagging, and kinking of the food canal,

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mously large aneurisms with but few layers of coagulum, as well as in those of

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adorn. Other men may have shown greater philosophic quaU-

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In the meantime dissolved tart, ant., and pot. gr. iii, in water, and gave

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We omit the summary of Dr. Gross, having it in contemplation hereafter to

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Scirrhous Tumours. — This case is related by Billard Stewart's ed.

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results which seem to and do at times attend the injection of

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[A short, useful essay on the nature of colchicia, and the chemical

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on in paroxysms, leaving great exhaustion. She died, quite worn

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may also be fairly drawn from the history of this curious incident.

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better with it than you hear without it, an artificial ear- I

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on the shoulder lost his speech for six weeks. Speech returned afterwards for a

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Southampton, when they passed through the station on their way

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three seem to be rather the common effects of one cause. The

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portion of their contents, while the sarcolemma would thus

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paralysis. With regard to the patholo^cal anatomy of this disease in

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an attempt was made, but fruitlessly, to break the callus. M. Portal, therefore,

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in a pure state may, perhaps, be traced some of the inconve-

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The history of the case is as follows: — It was small at birth, but began to

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tumour, as far as our means of investigation permit ; and quite

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from the blood," of so low a vitality that it is incapable of becoming organized,

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causes, but some of the other physical phenomena which concur in form-

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Pliiiadelphia Medical Society — Correspondent of the Lyceum of Natural History

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state. Lungs collapsed, of a bright red colour, crepitant through-

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attended by an albuminous state of the urine. An epileptic attack

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Of the causes of death we must content ourselves with

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chest and abdomen. Any one who assumes that the liver

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and does remain dormant for fourteen days and upwards, may not an

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