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illustrated this point most admirably in an essay on the fatal ill
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there are two essential characteristics of inflammatory effusion
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diseased structures must hold a prominent place in thera
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of which may be classed in one of the divisions. Thus
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there occurs atrophy of the gastric tubules in which morbid process
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utes at first lengthen the time and tighten the rein
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draws the following conclusions from his observations. The
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lymphocytes. He considers the increase as indicating the transi
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him a broader grasp of his chosen profession and more thor
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It has been suggested that concentration can be improved
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choice and occasionally even ami d them all we are rather at
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fore infinitely more healthy than the shellac gutta percha
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six years ago. The patient was a child suffering from diphtheria.
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country. It is intended to show the necessity of giving more
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the College of Physicians have wholly failed in making out what they have
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It is true that many expert cerebral pathologists can predict the
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contained a dead foetus for the removal of which she sought
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unless the breathing is relieved a dose sufficient to keep up the
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how slight the lesion is. No progressive pathologist who has any respect
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the animal economy and is simply eliminated from the
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admitting room. Examination of head reveals a small haema
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five inches long. This gave large access to the kidney without
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If there is no suitable large stream at hand the sewage is
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of this disease yet our faith is somewhat altered by the inform
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poisonous matter into tlie blood from the injured surface.
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She was perfectly bald at first but afterwards the little
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drunk but it is cruel and unavailing to limit materially the amount
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after a while becoming first deep purple and then gradually losing its red
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Authors of articles Mended for publication under the head of original
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ends of the fingers occasionally with suffusion erythromelalgia Weir Mitch
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dreamed that I was standing near a strange city among thousands of
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mer recording the effects of medicinal doses in de
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that I liase this conclusion chiefly on experinieuts which
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formed several times a day is physically and therapeutically beneficial by
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Hungary. Bokai medical director of the Stefanie Children s
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a letter by one who manages to conceal them in conversation. Careful
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bathing of the head face and neck with cold water when
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a case of stab wound Pagenstecher tied the left coronary artery which had