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Underwood has reported a case of purpura ha3morrhagica as a sequel of

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according to Bergmann, is above and behind the ear. Macewen

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Pneumococci in thin fluids like bouillon and water are less resistant to

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had not granted those abatements. If a practice yields £100

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<^-<<<;<^<: £,-<<<■»:<-<:■<

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eruption in the patient first attacked) reduces, practically to a minimum,

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Prof. Borland protested against the recommendation. It

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is mistaken. In my reading of German papers und hooks I do not recall ever aeeing •

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button cautery, or Corrigan's button, is the form employed, a latch key

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ous after consequences that follow so many confinements. In view of

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recover ; and not less so to ascertain the proportion of fatal

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the usual modes in which fibrocystic disease of the long bones made itself

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271. Individual laundrymen and laundresses may be employed

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and were more rapid and certain in their action than the usual local means,

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Inasmuch as it is by such actively immunizing products that immunity is

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paratively large per cents of alkali, unless the soil becomes

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routine drug treatment is of any practical value. Antipyretic

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"One-third of the quota of new members enrolled". — First report from Nova

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border of the sulcus produced coronary sinus rhythm, with 5'a-^z' = 0.005,

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to a medical college for medical missionaries. Such a

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food, are the predisposing factors for mange. Given these,

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abstract of 1906 a] <Ztschr. f. Veteriniirk., Berl., v. 17 (10), Oct., pp. 450-

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The three additional animals are Nos. 477, 484 and 549, and

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KjrtropiB splendens, Dougl. Hook. Fl. Bor. Am. i, 147 (1833). Spi-

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the child complained of pain in the left thigh, causing the mother to

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While these things were transpiring, the sisterhood of the Ursulinea

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from the western part of the county generally belonged; whereas, those living

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occur as a genuine inflammation. According to Buhl, there is

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Mr. V. Barford, of England, has demonstrated the propriety

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isappear without leaving any trace whenever the introduction of eau-de-vie is

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ran up to ninety-eight degrees: this is the average the world over;