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mental philosophy, as well as the intelligent alienists and psychol-

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in the conduct of the disease, but they serve my pur-

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Yet in corresponding with the various committees of the Sec-

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Ridiculous as it must appear, but quite as logical as other theories

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committing the greatest ravages among all classes of citizeos. The

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are poor subjects for operation, and it is from this class of cases

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heads from June to September. The stout rootstock is very knotty, with num-

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to the tearing of the cervix, or tearing of the vagina. The

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traumatic strictures, abscesses, fistulas, et cetera,

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India and other Eastern countries, whose ^ small pulses, and general indications of

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occasionally be used to advantage. An enema of hot coffee

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and until cure is established keep the patient in touch with a surgeon.

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ical measures in gynaecological practice. It is possible, he

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The difficulty attending disinfection in lay hands is due

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the heart, dependent upon disease of the myocardium,

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By A. B. Hepler, Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, United lltates Navy.

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have to be changed, and run from one hundred and fifty to two

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not uncommon,' and a general erythema occurs sometimes. Bronchitis

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two-thirds of them, are due to the bovine type of bacillus, and, therefore,

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Causes of movable kidney. — How is it that movable kidney

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care, upon application being made to the Juvenile Court for the neces-

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ing to the relative amounts in which these several qualities happen

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In instructing a detachment in these movements, the detachment being

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pus and of abscesses are excited by various causes, of which the

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to eight hours' duration, and the resulting product is far from

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the foot-plate of the stapes, and pressing upon the

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Wallace Creek, July 28, 1894 (No. 643); Cummins, July 28, 1895

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and when the indication is an urgent one the physician is not

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is expressed best by frequent consumption of fermentable

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for the science of medicine the grateful acknowledgments of the civil-

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Mackenzie. In it are described in great detail, and in the most