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principles involved, and by an exposition of the manner in which structural lesions

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tribution. Such information is of the utmost value in

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cians, the expense here also being borne by those pa-

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was not permitted to give this case the necessary personal atten-

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other side remains healthy; this is common in the human, very rare in

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vertebra, and between it and the laminae of ^ what part of any changes occurring in

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assemble in the chapel for family prayers, and immediately after-

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Valvular changes in the heart in croupous pneumonia,

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and obstinate cases astringents (kino, catechu, oak bark,

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scopic examination from casts obtained in cases of extra-uterine

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tablespoon ful of the juice or the peel of half a lemon to the pound of fruit, or

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tomy. This case I's extremely interesting from many points of view,

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passive, receptive qualities; in man the intellect ruling supreme; in

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the blood, as its presence there has now been demonstrated by several relia-

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Is the girl pregnant ? As to age she comes within the range,

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distinct sense of fulness in the palm and fingers. The venous blood

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Given to a healthy man, tliey are either inoperative or poisonous. That

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diplomas he may have. We are for the primitive American

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first appearing homologue«in the Lemurs, or it may be deeply

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nothing more than a watery secretion. A pink patch appears generally

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A very marked improvement characterizes this manual of Prof. Chap-

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usual deficiency in secreting power ; which, as a necessary con-

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sacb, aBd the tabdivision of the broDchtal tabes and the au>Te8ioIes so

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clearer knowledge of the case and is able to treat it more

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were also found in miliary vesicles in the skin and in bed-sores.

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hip was painful; and although the patient presented none of the

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late hours, and costly, early, or out-of-season dishes.

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1894 (No. 814); Cummins, August 1, 1895 (No. 1540). Blue Bell.

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knew Mr. Hansen thru correspondence.) He was very enthusiastic over my news

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the blood-vessels, and so increasing or diminishing the blixd