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cury. That mercury when properly administered cures syphilis is beyond a

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body, it is not improbable that a different form of apex from

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surgeons will gain experience with more complicated re-

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From the 2.oth to the 30th Mr. W continued much the same. He had

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thus rooted up from a depth in the soil are likely to be

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and at the autopsy there was found an almost complete trans-

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nia College ol Denta! Surgery, Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital.

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A more or less honest though misinformed priesthood

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bath. When the symptoms are severe, leeches may be placed round

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The object of this work, in the words of the author, "is to furnish the student with a

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from non-immune mothers die of the disease, but never wit-

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The ability of the blind to successfully perform massage has

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Case III. — The patient I now bring before you is a colored

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the matter flowing forth is blackish. It may also come from

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Macleod, Dr. J. J. R., On Ventilation .., .."..; 101

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I have included paranoia (progressive systematised insanity)

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