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might readily and speedily have been healed by other treatment. Dr. Kohn
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energy of contraction is utilized to develop intraventricular tension.
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walls, and the overgrowth of glia tissue met with in both diseases,
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infection of the body occurs : in the second there is no local lesion at
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ty-one children at term, twins being born on otlly one occasion.
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description of the practice offered in your specialty, con-
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At the meeting of the Minnesota Society of Neurology
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the yellow ligaments were ossified almost completely
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When limited, the phenomena of local inflammations are present,
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Tcmpla Spiritus Sanifti ac membra ChrL , <.e, g_
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regular meeting at 19 Boylston Place, Wednesday, May 17,
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dog's grass, which acts as an emetic and a purgative. Cats also
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The deferential or carrying vessels, spring from the lower
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fluence of the brain on the muscles, life proceeds on its way with cer-
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sions usually found present (see page 369). He points out in support
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sense of smell, but unaccompanied by any feeling of general discom-
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had dry skin, which never perspired except after the most fatiguing
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lated nucleus or the lobules have separated and are connected by
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(1 :1,000) failed to provoke analogous reactions in either patient.
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Different races of men have in the course of centuries developed well-
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bone. It was of a bright red colour ; was firm and elastic ; and was
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j)le thing to manage. The patients could be sent there ;
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should be founded in France. The intimate relation which Bourge-
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fibers ; white patches of fatty degeneration may be hemorrhage in the
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responsible for the death of from 12 to 30 per cent of patients,
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Downs, Andrew Jackson Smith, Curtis C. Hoyt, Albert J.