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sending samples and blanks for reporting, will accompany each

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The condition of the muscle of the right heart is of even greater import

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The disorders of vision in hysteria have been studied by —

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exist in Britain, hence perhaps the reason why, with one notable

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Hamsapcika Yantram — Crucibles — Colour of Flames — Tests

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injuries. Although orthopedists dominate, affiliate member-

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October 16, 1919, X-ray shows considerable improvement,

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when I re-examined the organ, which had been removed on January

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new board or department of the State government, but it favors

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made out when they fall during diastole of the ventricle. Occasionally

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in the boundaries of each of these geographical sections, it is rea-

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self upon me was that, at the end of a pain, the head,

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lity to endure the unnatural privation of rest or relaxation. The

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is constant. The variety is very common in the Platte canons at

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the parts below; such a paralysis is called paraplegia. If the injury

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The disease is most fatal in the extremes of life and in pregnant women.

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isfactory results obtained, and after I have displayed the same for

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tions of nature in restoring the integrity of the functions involved,

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idiopathic stimulus." This nebulous statement gives an indication of

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.\lthough Dr. Adamson was probably right genetically, in that both occurred

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tions may even soften the muscles, and loosen and detach

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inorning, the pulse was 80j and perfectly natural. With a return

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cutaneous injection of morphine, under which the patient steadily improfved.

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their old distinctness and without any discernible alteration ; after

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be arrived at and in many cases complete cure ; for the

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Board to evolve a scheme for having each representative elected