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the fact that he had lost all sense of smell from the time of the accident.
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the case of Mrs. R., Jersey City, who had anasarca of the ex-
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into an abscess. This same calf, previously fed with the blood of the
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beef tea, or of milk gruel. To a half pint of the warm enema,
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subsequently attacked. As no other fowls were received, it is pre-
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a separate nerve, but is only a fascicle of the common vagus-
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ascending parietal, but the whole lesion could be included
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Case of Neuralgia, orbital and nasal. — Oct. 18th. — Mr.
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Gentlemen: — Yours of recent date at hand. In reply would state that sample of
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his blood, withdrawn from a vein at his left elbow, with negative results. His
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Hospital, Dr. Graham. Sec. c, Wed., Sat., 9 : 00-11 : 00, Central Free Dispensary,
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undigested, several hours afiber it was swallowed, where
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that we publish it pro bono publico, if we deem it worthy.
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treatment exercise at least just as good an influence.
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tion — usually less — ^for the thoughts and emotions of the
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attention to the action of the drugs administered, and then the
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indiscriminate laparotomy. It is time to call a halt in the line of abdominal
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Green Boot Only Used. A specialty with us since its first introduction in 1852. This remedy,
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of illness is very pronounced and is well shown in both charts, espe-
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The Essentiah of Hisfolor/i/, Descriptive and Practical. By Professor
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1868, and were marketed widely for a time by Daniels and Company of the city.
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the right calf, which at its greatest diameter measured thirty centi-
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Fijfot has obferved f> that prefied oils given to
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Very rare; on the plains of the Platte; Fairbanks, July 11, 1894
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he changed his diet. He exercises a great deal, mostly at jiu jutsu and wrestling.
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Stricture of the Rectum. — The following case presents some un-