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in a minute. Twenty leeches were applied round the cicatrix,
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Owens College. He was a member of the senate of the Uni-
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Acute Articular Rheumatism.— Rheumatic Ulcerative Endocarditis.—
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Fig. 24 Transverse section, medulla oblongata. X 12.
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Physicians as yet unacquainted with Ridge's Food will confer a favor on the
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Dr. R. H. Sayre. — It seems to me that many of these
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the child is dead, or so weak that it can contribute nothing to ,
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irritating applications to the inflamed membranes are con-
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formance of the normal functions of the nervous centres, by the intensity of
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This latter condition is accompanied by, and is, undoubt-
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Tannic Acid and Vegetale Astringents P. P. P. P. P. P. P-
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has several points in its favor, as compared with aspiration, and
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of the neck by a large electrode, the negative pole, suitably insulated to
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I notice that the same accident has happened in many instances in
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not unworthy of confidence and are not ignorant to the
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show a well-stained, coarsely reticular nucleus of a bluish green
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A few quotations will show how little was done by Wharton's
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procedures from Lead II. Torsion on exposed sino-auricular node by means
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Eighth. If approved by the President the recommendations of the