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Women; Phys. Bos. Dispy. Contrib., "Mechanical Appliances

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taken from the Transactions of the Mcdico-Chirurgical Society of

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4.00 - 0.03 (CO 2 in inspired air) = 3.97% CO 2 excreted.

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intimated in the billet for the Ordinary Meeting thereafter,

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liquid nourishment. During convalescence it should be guarded from

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The epidemic occurrence of "bilious pneumonia" is men-

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ordinary inspiration and expiration on the blood pressure is so

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tory, the fumes of nitric oxide, was seized with a violent fit of coughing,

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observers in this matter seem incredible. They lump together indiscrimi-

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chloroform, and it produces sensations somewhat similar. — jV. 0. Medical

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This manual represents the labour of a large number of

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