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I do not hesitate to reckon this case as an example of amyloid

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abdomen was opened, the whole course of the small intestine was care-

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out, and a new ohe placed ; and dry tobacco-leaves,

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I used Peacock's Bromides with success. In epileptic fits, espe-

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riorate, in consequence of ovarian disease, the best

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the head impigning upon the anterior decline plane will rotate

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thrown open for exact therapeutical inquiry. At present we are not in a position to do

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sary patients, it is about as nasty a thing as you would

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tional treatment. Especially should their strength be sustained

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their prospects. He faithfully promised to retire from

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in the superior division of the hour-glass. I had some difficulty and

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The population of India, according to the census of 1891, is over

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University of London. The author submits that the i^resent generation is witnessing a wide

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of growth, with corresponding increase in the size of

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in another point of view, showing that the injury, though

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suggested to me the necessity of having their bedding scoured at the

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cause of all diseases, inflammation, and as the cure,

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according to Bergmann, is above and behind the ear. Macewen

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reflexes, thus bringing the skin back to its normal temperature and

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The most profitable age to fatten swine. — Farmers A and

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anteriorly, just to the right of the midline, measuring

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Finally, the third clafs contains thofe things, which

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and confusion, which cleared spontaneously within a period of

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development of the specialty. Thus the various pro-

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which he denominates " perineal section," and " the external division," or Syme's

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irreducible, has a very feeble pulsation, and there iS no con-