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author Dr. Mackintosh should thus express himself on this matter.
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the simpler forms of malarial fever. There is blood stained material both
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All round the house is a covered cloister dug about six feet into
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proper aeration of the blood and as a result we have
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hearing therefore we suggest that some system be adopted for
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Bleeding from the face may be arrested by pressure on the facial
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some regions of South America and in the Antilles where the disease is
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Reed upon being relieved by Major Gardner is ordered to report to
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rine urine A good many more than are actually diabetic. When
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acid and chlorine gas is done to destroy germs which cannot
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skin which open and form irregular shaped ulcers. Diarrhea
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as could be ascertained absolutely typical characters. We regarded thi
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measures having reference to the general condition of the patient are
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assist in the intra vitam recognition of vascular and myocardial decay as
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the Use of Students preparing for Examination. By W. Handsel
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cable to separate the pulmonary valve sounds from the aortic and by
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radical change in diet because it may lead to disagree
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the smallest amount of obstruction or contraction re
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by pregnancy and when it is therefore temporary than where this
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during the barium injection the process of filling the cecum
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aneurism was apparently the result of accident and in one the
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person of the child is kept dry and in perfect cleanliness odors
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backache rigors chill greatly accelerated action of the heart
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he had succeeded in effecting a cure. He considered
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both supraspinous fossae M ere occupied by a network of tortuous pulsating
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a varied vegetable diet. Then the fruits are always
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Zinc is given very largely in the treatment of chorea. In the
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gray matter. The intensity of the process was spent upon the
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Lieljermeister and many others both German and Eng
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Sundarbans of Bengal where the alluvial mud is covered with dense jungh
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lent series of observations was made by Dr. Dudfield
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it is clear that the bacteria which may be concerned in surgical infections
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crease the frequency of the pulse beats. After anesthe
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exposed for a few minutes to the air. First there is excitability
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