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glands in the neck, which causes great disfigurement. Some of the

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is limited to the feet and about two-thirds of the muscles of the calves,

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tion, which late in the disease is accentuated by vomiting and diarrhoea.

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than ever before in medical history, a series of new remedies for phthisis

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shown in the figure — they are both eleven inches long, inclu-

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suspicious sign that has recently been pointed out is an

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one case, four distinct rupial ulcerations within the area of a

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entirely excreted unchanged in the urine. A small amount

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to experts that such injuries are extremely rare, and that each one of

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with furnace heat is now under erection in the town of Emery. The

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of fever hospitals bath sheets, for example, might be used for more than one

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tics it is in the ascendancy. The question is, where will it end ?

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duces burning heat in the throat, excruciating pain in

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many lives. This pointed to the importance of again adopting

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Port Said. One was bitten in the left leg, opening the knee-

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can be considered as cciilres of infection, arc in the Gulf of

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cervical ganglion of the intercostal ; the cesophagus contracted strongly through its whole

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If, then, due provision is made by the Public Health Bill for

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one. tliat is to our minds reasonable and borne out by future

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In Adelon's "Physiologic de THomme," vol. iii. p. 321, you wiU find

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nal de M.;decine de Bordeaux, Mav, 1863. — The Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal, June,

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you may be quite sure that the neck of the femur is

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degeneration of the heart, you answer that you must first be told

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may be laid on the unbroken surface in conjunction with hot fomenta-

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is more than lost in exactness of delimitation ; and that by no

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which the fibrine coagulates; and such coagulated fibrine forms

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of blood to the left ventricle, are characters ^hich denote mitral coiiti»>

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screening. Preventable causes of sudden and unexpected death

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day or two. If the disorder is to run the ordinary course of acute mania,

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and they are small in the echinus and spatangus, where the shell is

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Finally, it may be stated that the test of Dr. Merritt seems to prove it-