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those ancient physicians signify scurvy to us only because
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a train. The majority of my patients described their condition as
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bowel that gives the extra three or four degrees of fever, and if you get
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air-spaces, and generally in enormous number. The infection is be-
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Pollock, on injm-ies to the abdomen, rupture of the diaphragm
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the perineum outwards, a portion of the head making its ap-
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I may, it is true, have overlooked the monumental achievements of later years.
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time to-day. We may glance at the pathology, the thera-
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generally used, one part being mixed with 30 or 40 of
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normal. Movements of globes good, accompanied by nystagmus, or l)y
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oculist may be wrong, in some cities they may generally be as
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antagonistic balance of motive power being destroyed. Remove
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cartilages), the cartilages thickened and became opaque, vascular, and
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drachms — 8>^ ounces ; 5 drachma— other hypertrophied ; 16 drachms —
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given through the circulation or whether it be put in
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entities, and to reduce the number of terms employed in describ-
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do not show fatty change. When the tissue, however, is not en-
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ing found out what he wanted to know, turned around and
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lic, and as physicians, for their own benefit and that
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gauze. The gauze plugs were removed on the second day, the
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of 1857 about ninety cases of this fever came under my observation,
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matory changes. In most cases distinct localized tume-
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oz. of cherry-laurel water. [For other Syrups see P. F.] Milk
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trichoma, I have never seen a case which could be styled
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On December ilih, 186S, I received a note ii6m a lioble lord
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fited but temporarily. Some of the cases upon which I have
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essential coverages, and to service the growing number of state physicians who are
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An intra-uterine douche should not be given except by the medical atten-
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ble for a temporary change in the milk which, while
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nerves — such are alcohol, ether, and bichloride of carbon ; others
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in the proportion of five to one. In Palmer's group, the
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eating, followed by mild inflammatory symptoms within a few hours, and by
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Of the total Blue Cross benefits, during April, May
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effected by a deficient salivation and the bad digestion of
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person when it is not true. Prohibiting marriage in the
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B employment in life. The former is bound, as a matter of public duty, to