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Yergexxes, Addison (1788), 1782 — Hopkins, W. S. ; Kidder, C. W. B.;

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thing, and that I ought to be doing something else.

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(1905 and 1907), E. Delabost (1909), and Leclerc and Colombet (1909).

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A punctured wound is deep and narrow; stabs are punctured

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plied, so as to encircle the hoof. If any heat or tenderness exist,

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sudorific. It should be given in the method of small doses, very frequently

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the rules of the Sales of Poisons Act on the sale of

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to full term. — Gazette /lehdomadaire, November 24,

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: The fact that it is rare is a blessing, but should not deter

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found among age groups, with the 65- to 75-year-old group

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due to ulcers in the stomach from which bleeding may occur and erosions

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and the nose, therefore it is necessary to keep the drainage tube

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in endeavoring to falsify it, says : '^ On the second day,

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