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attacks which require speedy intervention. In chronic malaria, the

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continual agitation, with occasional twitching of the facial

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operation on the point of the focus of the headache, and

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composition, and in other ways, but this still leaves the

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frontal and parietal areas and the median face of the

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lull lasting a few months, even years. During this period we may have abso-

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ing the release from quarantine of ninety-five of the

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would be more than three times greater than that of the mpther !

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Its injudicious application is as injurious as that of the

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My experience with regard to working men in Edinburgh is,

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Hospital, Dr. Graham. Sec. c, Wed., Sat., 9 : 00-11 : 00, Central Free Dispensary,

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for even insinuating so much, but I believe it is ina-

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the dead found on the field, will be removed when the bodies are

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the spinal column has been tried, and said to be of use. Iodine liniment

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always convey the impression of being solid bodies under the

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tenderness in the right iliac fossa, appendicitis may be simulated,

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and practiced medicine in Toronto since 1888, He wag 6Q years of

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The total of deaths, according to the post returns, is 47, the annual

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his blood, withdrawn from a vein at his left elbow, with negative results. His

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fatal dose of intraperitoneal injection with the typhoid bacillus.