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cated. Excepting, however, these statistical extravagances, Mr. Holthouse's pamphlet

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was revealed running down the side of the neck, for a distance

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Collins, Everett Naughtin, s, a, w, Fennville, Mich. S.B. '19.

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that the hand and arm still appeared to be crooked and out of

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and bedding were furnished ; the physician and nurse were

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ments made by giving animals the virus mixed with their

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continued for many hours. When the brain becomes so much con-

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amination in the blood and spinal fluid enable one to recog-nize the

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James T. Case, M.D. Price of the entire set of sections, in boxes, ยง36. Troy, New

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Acetonitrile, 37.1 mgms., i. e., 1.4 mgms. per gm. mouse. Survived.

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the case of a child dying two and one-half months after birth, whose mother

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doubt that in some cases the disease extends into the Larynx ;

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the foundations in Paris of a thoroughly scientific

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or as infected with diiditlieria bacilli." It seems to him

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as born. The mother persisted in a state of mental confusion, with

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is good." The exclusive treatment by cold baths has much in its

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sionally met with in the vales on the bank of the Rio

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experience has confirmed the conclasion I drew from this

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twenty-eight of Little's forty-nine cases of spastic rigidity,^

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affected with rinderpest. Glanders is more incurable than the

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fraotore Splints, Omtohee, Syringes, Knemaa, Slceletons, Fine Cutlery, etc

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expect final atrophy and loss of sight. In atrophy there may be a simple

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in doses of five drops every four hours. So far the effect has

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existent infection. There is evidence to show that infection may

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root of onrum, fennel, elecampane, of each two drams ; an-