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Catechu, astringent : Horse 2-5 drs; ox 3-8 drs; ass 2-3 drs ; sheep I -2


emsam medication patch

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eucaine and beta-eucaine. The former of these was found to be less toxic

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(Figs. 26 and 28). This type of malformation is uncommon. The

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Any serious hemorrhage following coitus calls for an examination.

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be destroyed. But cases of fractured ribs, jawbones, and

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1. The superiority of the modern method of ligature with catgut, cut short

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opinion that it acts directly upon the cerebrum. — Miin-

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Martin, Sidney, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., Fellow and Professor of Pathology of Uni-

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disease exists more frequently in some localities than others. It

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by us as illustrating the toxic methods of assay were as follows:

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1880 b.— Idem. Reprint. 87 pp. 8°. Paris. [W m .]

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rapid ; the temperature rises, and is often as high as 104°. The

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After three weeks of treatment there were no signs of meningitis remain-

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crepitations, respiration 40 ; tongue moist ; pulse 1 20, scarcely countable ;

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He became alarmed, that, if once within Captain Osborne's power, he

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free; single copies, ten cents; to all other countries, an additional charge of $i.oo net for postage. These

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