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short-circuited ; necessarily a small portion of sigmoid, apparently

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Cushing’s syndrome caused by adrenal tumors do not

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undertaker was ready with a diagnosis of his own, and

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Fig. 5 shows the deformity of one of the ears (the left).

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33. Fanta CH. Rossing TH, McFadden ER: Treatment of acute asthma— Is

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" I. Ear/y Patch. — The epithelium is thin, and the stratum

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States and Canada will hold their 34th annual meeting

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forth in ^' Requirements for Admission to Medical Colleges," adopted

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disease, or to the amount of secondary absorption going on from the

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from the chance of recovery offered to the patient by this

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drawn from a pleural cavity. Trichomonads have been found in

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abdomen she measured 38|- in. The superficial abdominal veins were

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account of the frequency of the attacks, which numbered altogether

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dependent upon the thoroughness of their own work for their

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during his residence there. About this time, also, he made

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It is impracticable to compile a table indicating the relative value of leading

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by the foremost among the surgical pathologists of Europe,

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of acids, alkalies, salts or albumen. In solutions free from

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Rymes, Thompson. Med. Chir. Trans., London, 1904, lxxxvii, 85.

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persons is well known and is often absent when the patients are able to

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Williams, F. H. The intermittent administration of quinine in

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in wriiing to him said :— " I now send you the pared-off edges

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and how much relief may be bestowed by this trifling operation.

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staining nuclei together, with mononuclear cells. Polymorphonu-

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different lesson. I had frequently occasion to notice that when circum-

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apparently well adapted to produce it. Its exemption is supposed to

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the abdomen. The case Dr. Anderson spoke of I thought was appen-

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uppi'ui'H to l>f fruiii tli(< front to tin- Imck of tlic lioily ritvily and from

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whitish colour, may Ih^ ooral-liko in structure, and consist of

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of the Dublin School; Robert Anderson, L.R.C P. and L.S.A., EHaston,

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dress delivered before the society, on November 17. In

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undergone particular chemical changes, probably from acid secretions of

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nak., Dec. 7, 1901) brings out the following facts re-

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movement. Its mode of action has not been definitely determined.

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the other hand, Flint* and Peabody have recently advocated the giving

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of a stop-cock and cross-tube at the base of the nozzle. In this manner,