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the centre than at the periphery of this membrane ; it
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Livei-p'l Northern Hosp., 23 cases, 4 deaths, a mortality of 1 7/3 per cent.
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never observed cramps in cases of putrid infection ; this infection, on the other
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g^er joints, which disappeared while under its use.
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proportion. The lapse of a very short time without food, will
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The infectious principle of glanders retains its activity for a long
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Wolf, and Thiersch. Reverdin's technique consists of lifting a small
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may be subject to slight attacks of colic, slight diarrhoea, or con-
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shake off the insignificant creature. Henceforth, unless some reason of
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The neurasthenic is the name given to a person suffering from neuras-
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in the history of disease than is generally supposed, and that they are des-
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The way, then, to Harvey's great work had been paved by the
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the stomach. Thirdly, that the explanation appears to me, circuitous,
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The following table ' gives us an approximate idea of the relative mortality at
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slaughter of all animals which show any signs of the disease.
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had been reported, in Kentucky, in which the autopsy revealed several
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had been convicted of stealing a sheep, by the positive testimony of
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in order to prevent the food falling into the peritoneal cavity.
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tibia were measured separately that the difference in
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should be first selected where the laparotomy is to be per-
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about 50 cc. in all. The ethereal layer is then separated, and evaporated to dryness
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to a few only the recollection of those other qualities
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the operating room of the hospital,' and, in the presence of
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of Intracerebral and — Cholankeril; Cenizal; Huda; |;
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ness surveys, like sanitary surveys or industrial surveys, demand an ex-
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desirable floor covering for sick rooms, hospitals, &c. It is durable and does not
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Rochester was thirty-seven years in achieving a sewerage system. The first
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red blood cells. Masses of red blood cells and desquamated epithelium
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zel'* give the decomposition point as 155°, Weidel and Roithner,^ as 153-154°,
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who would not have been greatly benefited by an attendance at
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number, only five survived the observation period of three months which
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ui.e loop is shown neatly placed around its pedicle. To the inex-
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It is possible for cracks to occur in other parts of the hoof; but
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a genuine fciatica, that has not yielded to this pro-