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of Toronto — Universiij of Bishop's College, Montreal — College of
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ticular (long-continued walking, the pressure of articles of clothing, hard
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twelve months' medical or surgical practice, £5 5s.; three months'^
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section. Each term throughout the year, 2:00-4:00. 24 hours. .2Mj. Sec. a, M., Th.,
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those who have finished their studies. In the two years which follow
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of nourishment. That an increase of adipose tissue may arise from over-
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course, most frequently the visual perception which recalls the memory of the
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Muscular weakness and muscular atrophy are completely parallel in spinal
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treatment, kept up consecutively for months, and, with interruptions, for
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certain point in the cord, to be made out accurately according to the symp-
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for Matriculation, provided that the candidate has obtained such a certificate as
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most deaerving oandidatea. If in their judgment none of the candidatea be of
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first time when the rite of circumcision is performed. In many cases the dis-
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then gradually involves the arm and leg on the same side, next the other arm
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ments ; the first edacates for University degrees, the second and third
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in a remarkable symmetrical lipomatosis of the extremities and the body, but
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Diagnosis. — So far as any diagnosis of syphilis of the spinal cord is pos-
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movements. In such attacks the patients begin to ejaculate the filthiest words
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3. Cases have been repeatedly known where multiple sclerosis has appeared
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eifthanlied f^f e«t$«t uhleh a^ ledlca) In nalM. , - / f
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Text Books for Dental Swgery and Pathology. — Tomes' '* Dental
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time by the Dean, nnder whose authorily the examiner of the timsia is i>laeedv
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criticised. These examinations are held both in the wards and in th&
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The required courses in the Department are 101 or 202 and 203, 251, 252, and 303.
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not infrequently associated with the strangest noises, and isolated spasms in
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detail. Surgical interference (laminectomy) to remove compressing masses
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11. Bromin. — 1. Acute poisoning from the fumes of bromin excites the
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muscles and tendons) ; in desperate cases, however, such an attempt is jus-
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supply point aSiortrISspi?SilS tl2SfnI?! tl^l <l«ajt1t1es offered for delivery to
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investigation, whether his attendance had.hastened the patient's death.
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With regard to the emplo}anent of bloodletting there is considerable differ-
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into acHilts, as they ¥«uld in an anlual host. Ife«e»ber» the species of roumhwjnBS that
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cular contraction on direct galvanic irritation of the muscles is practically
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.^s ..sted in requirements column of PartfA anVs of app^°Pine Lble! '^^^'^^^^s
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although even in these cases attention must also be paid to the general con-
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those msucles will also be paralyzed whose nuclei lie below the seat of the
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develapeient (solt) Into the ayphal stage. The n^phs then crawl up on vegetatlwi and
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awarded annually, after competition, among those graduates who in
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Surgeons— it is an educational and examining centre.
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diabetes, we feel obliged to conclude, just as in almost all other constitutional