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These cases, mostly in young people, have all done exceedingly
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Note. — Since putting the last touches to this article I
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return if convalescence was checked. In only one of my
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daily amount considerably, and 3000 c.c. may be passed under such
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Illustrations 8 and 9, Plate XL, are skiagrams of this patient's
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Aldridgo, father of the present Mr. Aldridge, whose successor is
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dressing should never be performed in a septic atmosphere ; never,
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in 55 evidences of obliteration of the lumen — therefore
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rect way of influencing the diseased area, since the medicament must pass
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intense, desquamation follows, and later there is an
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coroner, having become aware of the fact through a letter written to him by
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mastoid appears entirely spongy or diploetic, there are no vis-
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preparation, and is very fully illustrated with tables,
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hospital, provided the details of the antiseptic metliod
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in the study of nephroptosis before the condition was
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phalangeal dislocations of the fingers. Ann. Surg., St.
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satisfy himself that they were identical with the micro-
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uate of the University of Louisville, Medical Depart-
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not so much to any one organ as to general impairment of nutrition and
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ever any exercise was taken, and thus causing the pain and
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some distance from the free edge of the nail two holes are
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apposition, and so insuring a greater depth of union. But the sutures to be
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stances as vulcanite. I have brought a series of records of the impulses from
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certain Bjwts, Tiie papules become vesicles, and the vesicles pustules,
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force sent for its defense, see Stetson Conn and Byron
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one grain of it every two hours ; and on the 10th, after a very severe
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tion of caoutchouc tubing, to connect the syringe with the vein, on
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whether the blindness were due to the lesion of the angular gyri alone,
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cisiaua d.osp. di Eoma (1891). 1892, xi, 217-233.— Trapcz-
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the disease in a person who had returned to Holland from the
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tion and difficulty in the function of respiration. But, in cases of this
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It remained closed for about a month when he was readmitted with
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upon the clothing and skin of the subject, sometimes setting
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siderably reduced. The dose is eight to twenty droj>s. It should be
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quet of the season at the Auditorium Hotel, November 14th.
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opinions carry weight, have adopted the doctrine for Avhich Jenner con-
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nervous^ especially so if it is best heard, by the better ear, when the
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optometrist by the use of the term ‘optometrist or oph-
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Paget, soon after division. It was observed by Dr. Waller that, afterthe
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heart's action had probably ceased several hours be-
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to a large extent on a study of its morbid anatomy as met with
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Another factor may be found in the use of muscular power, partly as re-
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of himself. This introduces us to another consideration. However