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connect himself for all time with the records of this institution. He is
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that, if the condition of the patient had permitted, and unless we were to
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of air these admit by means of a piece of wood so arranged
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which pressing the excrementitial bolus against the sphincter, dis-
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assured me that it was in the duodenum, I passed a second gastric
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The attack-rate in persons once vaccinated was . .19
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The facility with which it may be administered, and the elegant man-
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It is used in their own homes. Such ingredients as are used in
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for the society, on "The Food of Cities." The matter
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around each village, so that no one could pass either in or out
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an irritant as alcohol, without danger? If Dr. B. can do it, we must ac-
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Dr. H. L. Ulrich, Minneapolis: I am a little aston-
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ordered a black draught. This was followed by the most serious
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limbs. Movement is rendered difficult by the general spasmodic condi-
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be well to turn back and familiarize the roind with the anatomical
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made ready for the press. We understand that a large proportion of
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cessfully byword and illustration to elucidate the intricate
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(Deutsches Archtv fdr klinische Medictn, Band xi., Heft 1, 1872.)
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Mr. Handleys operation. Indeed, the illustrations in this
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mechanism and its evolution, stated in the first part of this article,
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lining membrane of the mouth and throat is white and opaque, the
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den changes of tenii)crature ; thus, during the winter, the
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nem, vifibilem, aquofam, efficiunt, fudorifera dicun-
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may be said, in general, that if the wound is readily
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I fear I have trespassed too long on your space, but unless something be done,
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emergency cases. When danger from extreme dropsical
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is removed by filtration. The mother liquor is concentrated and
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Tor many years past, I have looked on it as a duty, when I have
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which remedies had been prescribed. They not appearing to
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renown than a hundred failures or mischiefs joint ; and I have known very similar signs
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and complete of all the picaresco novels. The style
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ments, and general behavior. It seems that the above mentioned
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slightly sour, and often and freely rinsing the throat and
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know how to get it out and have the facilities for breed-