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ries. — Dependent upon the conceptions enunciated
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Bergman had discovered rain-water to contain muriate of lime ;
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Dr. Post, on behalf of Dr. Isaac Quimby, of Jersey City,
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which he recommended the treatment there indicated.
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chorea ; so that examination of this organ, and inquiry into the historj- of the
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issues women with breast cancer must face. Although my
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attended by Dr Kilgour, whose duty it was to tell the young wife,
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The hard palate reaches from the alveoli in front of the upper
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present. The amount of indican is increased, as it is in the urine of all of the
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some trifling pecuniary recompence, will poison the fountains of life,
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In acute so-called uraemic poison it is not at all uncom-
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From the volume of air used the amount of CO2 can be
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A few days after return, a " neuralgic " headache set in on
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large portion of the omentum was, contrary to every
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flags thus floating with this purpose in view will deepen the power
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employed alone. Cascarilla, calumba, and camomile, with
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that made a trade of curing tlie sick, enriching them-
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express our sense of bereavement at the death of JeftVies Wj^man. As chair-
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difficulty. This difficulty is all the greater as the attacks of paralysis
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Quebracho. — At the recent meeting of the French As-
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Horses & Carriages, Billiards, Lawn Tennis, Fishing, Boating, etc.
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a feature. Diffusing capacity is impaired. Chest roent-
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gree of assurance that they are not suffering with any
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bid you remark how thoroughly they can distend their lungs ;
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syphilis, thus confirming the results of similar experiments made by
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In addition to his academic and medical achievements, he is a former
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says Von Siebold, '* why an establishment so necessary for the
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of infantile diseases. The summer bowel affections of children
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