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gested and what may be attempted, I shall draw attention to the
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Green, Stephen S., SS-t Swan St., Buffalo, Erie Co.
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The umbilical vein was ruptured at the point of its entrance
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more striking advances in the specialties. The author compares his own
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p^id upon one or more of several factors, such as consti-
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pulpous ; the first-named being the least active and least destruc-
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day. From that day Emily gradually drooped and faded. Her
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dition. If the fat given be part of the food, as in linseed,
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such a way that normal relation is immediately reas-
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tion, the malaria operated as a direct irritant on the
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seen that the pus from the stump had been absorbed into tht
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In all cases the fascicles begin to unite into fewer bimdles as
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Indiana: John M. Kitchen, S. Davis, Geo. W". New, J. H. "Wood-
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