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Avhere muscular pains occur. Arsenic in small doses seems usually
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of muscular fibre in them, in a passive manner only, he
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In order to get some reliable data as to X-ray injuries, N. Stone
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the mouth is crooked. This course of events occurs in syphilitic obliterating
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criterion for this he considered to be a temperature of not over
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Lent Assizes), Parke B. said, in reply to an objection
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partly owing to the anaemia, partly to interference with the
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treatment, but a negative blood reaction was secured in only 35
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facility to any other remedy. In the severest cases which have
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physicians, clinical conferences, and provisions for
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whose unaided efforts, however just and meritorious, are seldom, if ever,
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oesophagus is characteristic. This fact is not mentioned
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a practical point of view this method is to be preferred
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uliarity observed was that'the alvine evacuations were uniformly
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teric nodes; one in the tonsils) 15 were of doubtful origin.
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no consolidated areas. The kidneys are congested and drop blood
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sulfosuccinate. In addition, Vagisec jelly contains Boric acid,
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interior wall of the stomach and gently pressed it back
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Casop. 16k. cesk., v Praze, 1884, xxiii, 339-341. — Temes-
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pected stain, of error by mistaking minute filaments of cotton
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Repr. from : J. d.med. v&t. mil., Par., J876-7, xiv.
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salt combines with the lead to form a chlo- oxide, which assumes a vitreous appear-
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of short sight, as of watchmakers, seal-cutters, &c.
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The practice of inoculation must be carefully distinguished from
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gentle purgatives, such as rhubarb and magnesia, or rhubarb
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were likely to be formed from cases 1)r(iui,dit early
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the wound and I cleanse the surface of the bowel carefully with
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sylvania, of which the authors were able to avail them-
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probably be still without a Pharmacopoeia. He added that
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back of the head, behind the occipital protuberance." — Ibid,
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Stockholm on his way to his native village, retraced his route, and
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nose also cured bleeding at the nose, 110-121). Many similar
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must receive attention and be met by the usual remedies.
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of a little patience and continued surrender of the
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the pi'otrusion of his eye remained stationary, while the swelling on his forehead
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and myalgia. But in the case of neuralgia (see " Differential Diagnosis "