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tomy may, in the future, save, at least, a portion of
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Third and Radnor Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105
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Catalog and additional information may be obtained from:
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give small doses of morphin hv-podermically. (2) In diarrhea, here, as
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fered consistently between individuals who suffered from a
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in this condition, a suppression of the sensible or insensible perspira-
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paroxysms of violent expiratory efforts, for as such the
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of the test tube so as not to suddenly mix with the fluid
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There is a practical method of ascertaining positively whether
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Case 3. Was treated with purgatives, quinine, and arsenic, afterwards with
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diseases under the direction of Dr. Harry Irvine ; sug-
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fragments and chips as shown in these cases is of doubti^ul utility.
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certified emergency medical technologist to make the pro-
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Hammond, G. M. Case of congenital absence of the faculty of
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baths, sulphurous baths, afford resources which tonics given inter-
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shorter. Two similar cases of Billroth's are related,
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difficult when the neoplasm exists at or near the pylorus. The stomach
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in that they show conclusively that when exposed to certain degrees
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When poisons have been taken, our object is to evacuate the
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one case the micro-organism of malignant oedema was found in other
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Bottini's well known instrument, modified by Freudenberg,
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have cause for a lengthened and most unpleasant sz*
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^ The Oration of the Medical Society of London, delivered 27th May 1907.