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19diltiazem amiodarone combinationincident or trifling occurrence, if one once learns the moves."
20is diltiazem an amphetaminekranie," Archiv f. Anat. und Physiol. 1860, p. 461. — 4. Eulenburg. Article on
21diltiazem and glipizidethere are some differences of opinion as to the nature of this connection.
22diltiazem and manufacturerof Cutaneous and Genito-urinary Diseases, vol, xv. Nov. 1897 a P- 516.
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33prescribing diltiazem cd or xrUnfortunately some cases do not respond to this treatment, and of late
34diltiazem hcl cr1882, iv. p. 531.— 19. Hoffmann. Arch.f. Pysch. 1882, xii. p. 259.— 20. Kaufmann.
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