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felcl. Medicanientose und operative Therapie an stark

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not subscribe lo their incongruous hypotheses, illogical doc-


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recent German investigators, as well as certain English and American writers.

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In: Opusc. scient., 4°, Bologna, 1818, ii, 39-50.— Fcrri (L.)

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was the main object of her attention, from its long per-

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led to believe that they are impotent by pernicious publications or lectures

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of large quantities of olive oil are frequently mistaken for them, but these

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ergot had ceased to stimulate. Now, under these conditions,

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extraordinary deliverance from liis arch enemy, is said to have

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these reactions by attractive force ; and Unna (27), applying the principle

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saline taste ; deliquescent on exposure to damp air. Solubl©

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were influenzal; the influenza bacilli had doubtless

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calities the mortality has been very great. The danger is

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Case III. — Miss T. O., aged sixteen years, seen May, 1878. .A well-devel-

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services than is natural, and many sources of distress

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oesophagoscopy, the state of the child was such that I did not feel justified

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welcomed by both the physician and the surgeon. Such

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In most cases of alcoholic neuritis, sensory and motor symptoms are

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account of the extirpation of a portion of the human spleen.

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simple operation of lancing the gums. Even the healthy and vigorous, when

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from the fundus uteri; it contained about a pint and a half of urinous looking

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affecting these situations are much like the tubercular ulcers of other

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vaccines used in therapeutics. Other substances such as diph-

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the condition, notwithstanding the resemblance of some of its features

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Doubtless considerable areas of the lung are oftentimes non-crepitant,

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the functions of secretion and excretion, throughout the body, have been

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to feed he was only febrile as shown. The excreta collected from these

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Montpellier. Montpel. nied.,1890, 2. s.,xiv,13-2I. — Brsson

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through the alimentary canal. Probably the abstraction of

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evacuations after these attacks several times. Under protracted med-

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may be one of hydrogen transport simply, though we may still

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and 15 hours at room temperature. AB dose = 0-005 c.c, the total

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muscles is borne in mind, it is easy to conceive that if these vessels

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vertheless, occurs in habits little disposed to pulmonary affec-

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in its bed by a variafble tension spring, which is*

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little book entitled A Treatise on a Malignant Epidemic, commonly

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although the locality undoubtedly at times inlluences

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Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indian Ter-

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than one-third of these occur in homes, with falls,

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Trichomonas intestinalis; it ended fatally, being complicated by liver

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methods discovered for preventing this disease or staying its spread

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With this new bacillus a long series of tests were made

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handicaps. It is, indeed, liewiidering, a-s well as

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device are reported, with apparent good results. In

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eeven pounds. It has been stated that a single tree has yielded in one season forty

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our most careful attention, and that is the constipation

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beginning with hypertrophy of the turbinated bodies.

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we could elicit only a very feeble reflex after 35 days, and