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and their walls removed, while the incision should be closed.
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allopaths in their scientific investigation of these vaccines; but
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one word, and I will not apologize for it. I have not used one syllable, not one word but
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Mind" is omitted this month, but will be continued in the next issue.
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We are glad to note that the graduates of the Hahnemann* Medical Col-
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ment of such diseases as are amenable to internal medication the
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logical examination revealed internal strabismus of the left eye
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thing of that kind. I am greatly in accord with the motion.
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he did what every honest man should do —got out of it as quick as he could. Under these
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ued. When we got up to 15 drops, he began to have symptoms of arsenic
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state as a prophylactic measure, and a recent letter from Dr.
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Dr. Campbell moved, seconded by Dr. McLaughlin, that leave be granted to intro-
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* Diseases of the Nose and Throat, by Knight and Bryant.
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In a brief paper like the present one, it will be possible to
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or property, there is not to be found proof that Dr. Clark had a knowledge of the contents
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General contra-indications for conservative surgery upon the