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succeed one another at almost fixed intervals. Provided the patient is
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and the animal struggling violently. The interior was swabbed out
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204. A collie bitch suffering from a tumour about the size of a
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ness would cost her her place, and all for a good-for-
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I believe it to have been utterly impossible for anyone at this period
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The duration of the arrests is generally in inverse proportion to the
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being composed of little parchment-like lamellae surrounded by the
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A brief description of the various Anatomical Struc-
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lant, though not so strongly as Dr. Vogel; quinine, when the disease
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accompanies him to the grave ! This love is the most noble thing
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which debility constitutes a prominent feature, stimulants are most effi-
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38 ; respirations 18 ; respiration difficult, expiration irregular. Trem-
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air upwards into the vagina, sucli as cooks and charwomen used to the
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serous coats a further four inches. The two latter coats were retracted,
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have, we beUeve, occurred during the last two months.
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not livid ; the intellect was clear ; pulse quick and soft. Seeing that the
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to have its wishes considered in medical legislation.
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mostly, lying back against the spine. The intestines were not, how-
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pain, palpitation, faintness, and vomiting appear, from a comparison of
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External tuberculous lesions, with and without ulceration, have
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left ear, nose, cheek, tail, and all four limbs showed other new
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pneumonia. In order to prevent it being "wasted" the groom had
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a nearer object, the lens as a whole does not shift its place; but its
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fice and removing the diseased molars by punching. After cleansing
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of the cells as excretors. We may have a small quantity of urine
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has been going on for some months has already overcome not a few
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G. Y. Heath, M.D. On the Rapid Pressure Treatment of Aneurism.
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Fig. 30. — Internal surface of the right branch of the maxilla.
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simus dorsi muscle was kept in the incubator at 37° C. until the
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cured. Gratitude to the Almighty, as the dispenser of all good, with duty to you
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ligaments had only undergone trifling change. The metacarpo-phalan-
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that had been done. — Dr. Blake inquired whether it could be stated
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He considered the Bill to be most objectionable. Its only good feature
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also unable to move the lips so as to show the gums.
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not uncommon to find certain bacilli longer and more granular than
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acetabulum is ossified from a single centre, and forms the ihum; the
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the hand. The parasite (trichophyton) disturbed the epithelial forma-