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may produce toxic substances in decomposing meat. Many of the ptomains

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demands of the people. The thanks of the nation are due

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but these, while they may produce an increase of the usual number

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as experience has taught us, may excite acute nephritis. I have

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honor of claiming all the kings and queens of the turf.

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by a narrow zone of encephalitis. In manipuLating the

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In acute stages the changes consist mostly of injection and oedema of the

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the frog is cut away, that moment it begins to lose its

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Harvard School of Dental Medicine, 188 Longwood Ave., Boston,

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tion. Thumps and rheumatism in pigs. Some teat troubles.

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of medicine, and he himself had no natural liking for

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The Committee reported that they could find none ; report accepted

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take place so slowly as not to produce any visible effect.

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As this experiment is doubtless a harmless one, I hope

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abdominal bandage, with a well-adjusted pad, will in some cases

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The discoveries in medicine of this period have added more to the

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preparation was desired, as there were no less than six

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^TT January, 1906, will be much larger and more comprehensive than any pre-

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All communications for the Editor, and <dl books fcrr review, should

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Symptoms. — The usual symptoms indicating the presence of

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Jour. Cutan. Med., 1870; "The Frequency and Varieties of

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segmentation is first manifested. The permanent cavity of

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longed and difficult cases. Extend the limb when the head

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rarity with which abscess of the liver occurs in typhoid fever; as shown

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da^s the bruit changed in character and became a continnons soand. He died

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days; skin dry; tongue furred, yellow in the middle, but clean on

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on this in his salve muslins, a porous cloth carrying on and in its

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In adults, however, the disease may extend over several years,

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tical posture, down the narrow hatchways, where the

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mislead, especially metastatic abscesses in puerperal

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after a few days or weeks, but it did not. I did not

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ALTERATIVES have been defined medicines that re-establish

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portance of having committees of inquiry appointed, which, if attended

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tools, etc., of a brick-yard near by in which the man had been

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best, and it is, therefore, important to urj;e the use of woolen

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yemr, at a cost of less than finy thousand dollars. — B&-

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pairs. Stain readily with aniline dyes and by Gram's method. Grow with

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use. That the power of destruction of small projectiles, as of larger

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The spiral spring {d), being attached to a catgut cord (passing

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combination of conditions which are rarely met with, but

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tation of the malady in 1757, elicited an excellent work from the pen

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oiled, and sometimes with the assistance of a simple