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Formic aldehyde vapor is not injurious to plants, cloth-

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10% or 12% annual increase is to insure that health-care

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Critical Observations upon the Use of Contrast Producing

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dence of disease of the islands of Langerhans are reported, we must sup-

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and expectoration, rapid gain in weight and strength,

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in the venous radicles. The final effect of pure hypertrophy is an

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thus temporarily cutting off more or less completely the blood-supply

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and causing choking." The immediate effect of the operation was decided improve-

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On our arrival we found the young mother with a baby a few months old in her

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the question being whether it was leontiasis or rachitis.

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flagellate is a phase of Piroplasma. At all events, the fact that try-

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of pulmonary phthisis, by becoming affected produces a

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varial ions may exist in this respect quite compatible with a state of health.

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conclusion I wish to mention some of the means, for the cure and prevention,

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ject. Dr. Carl Burger arrives at the following con-

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we die. The "cures" that were effected were very inter-

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ency. If any operation were undertaken it should be as

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Dr. S. G. Dabney, of Louisville, delivered the address of welcome,

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