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parts cleansed, antiseptics applied and the torn tissues
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That is to say, cephalic version may be practiced, Ist, by external
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and 101°, with occasional rises to 102°, pulse 96, respiration
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Cases of small-pox, indeed, are not admitted to our general
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whether pregnancy is present or not. This he considered a
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were practically enforced, would not the character of our Profession
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the chest and abdominal cavities. In cutting into the
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except that it does not occur on a joint, but usually
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to remove it by stimulating the kidneys to further effort
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port for prophylactic treatment, daily, after shore
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Fig. 6. — The wound shown in Fig. 5 ten days after the installa-
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the internal os and the reconstruction of the uterus
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integument, are equal in their effects to five or six times that amount
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try the effect of vaccine in future cases of a like nature.
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" Diagnosis appears to lie between typhoid spine (Gibney)
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When he had suflSciently recovered from this, I advised him to
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reason why in pernicious anaemia arsenic administered by
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hernia ; b, in order to place the* testis in a position
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TOO mils of fluid being withdrawn at the first punc-
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pause was devoid of any manifestations directly due
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scarcely any resistance, may also be inferred from the length of time which they
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seizures, the alarm soon extends beyond reasonable limits. But few
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lic health training but a considerable amount of ex-
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cation. This subject is, therefore, again presented for calm
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sensibility or olefaclory information. It was there-
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For Amputation below the knee, we have a suspended upper,
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Dr. Dempsey asked were the cases referred to average
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foetid fluid. The seat of stricture was at the external ring. The
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ulation of the joints involved will show them to be
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case we have an irregular mass of tissues, not definitely
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tion is our working anatomist. Well, what is he doing ? I place a
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ing current generator. The latter also supplies cur-
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seemed to meet the indications best. It did not in-