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usual way, by Dr. Buck, by direct extension of the limb in the di-
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in each, of the size of a pea, or a silver threepence. One of these perforated
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posing objection, is merely hypothetical, and the question still
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. we know indeed that it often happens, that on pressing on the abdo-
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the author remarks (page 64) : " By means of its absorbing power,
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menstrual pe r5oti s, in which she had two attacks. She took ten grains
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I saw her several months preceding her death and found her labor-
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right hip. The accident had occurred about four weeks previous-
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therefore, Dr. Boling took the medicine, as seems to have been the
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soon told ; for the restless spirit — that " divinity which stirs within
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and Pathological Histology, in so far as they illustrate Physiologj.
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These eleven cases necessarily gave the widest extent of pleura at its su-
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good and dividing the influence of their names in three or four differ-
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and severely in three : all recovered, the hemorrhage being control-
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bicarbonate of soda or potash. This makes a mixture having much
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fully aware of the importance of keeping the joint unmoved. The
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pletely deprived of their calcareous constituents, when they are
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prolapsus, which, as they are worth bearing in mind, I take the
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appears that many physicians even, but especially the laity,
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gan to discharge. The pain increased, and the swelling extended
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object in confining patients to bed, generally, who have this dis?
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must have been intrinsically a surgical disease; and as the results of
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The cerebrum, the cerebellum,, and, in a certain sense, the me-
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made, to say the least, a very respectable substitute for the " College Hos-
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of Bichat, that " to the ganglionic system alone are confided
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which treats of organic matter, have enabled the chemist to
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from three to six days, and the pain induced is inconsiderable, and of short
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applied, but the patient soon finding them inconvenient substitu-
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North, the most abundant, and the most valuable is the ap-
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apparently, served only to add to the rapidity with which the
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Xo person can arise from Dr. Campbell's transparent ex-
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radical after the removal of the tumor, in the hope that
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That all this is so, is demonstrable. That it is always so, is, per-
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one third of the posterior aspect of the nasal fossae.
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upon itself; in imitation of the natural process of duplication, or
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the Hospital, April 22d, 1854, with a dislocation of the left thigh
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In previous articles, we have held, what is now the general senti-
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bability. One may answer very well to effect the other, but
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elemental fire. Careful observation upon this point inclines
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which, added to the one described in the imperfect elaboration
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We regard, therefore, every intelligible effort to enlarge the sphere
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but generally there is no contraction or rigidity of the limbs.
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system, This led, finally, in his thirty-second year, to the depo-
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cient, or even the vapor of hot water, or infusion of hops. Sometimes
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