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At this stage of the operation the patient was in such an extreme
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the course is longer ; 24 to 48 hours being the average
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lage in a direction antagonistic to the action of the crico-
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General dropsy or oedema of the lower extremities does not belong to
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the passage of the vitelline veins across its ventral boundary, that these
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of procedure that will enable the average consumer to
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ciples and Practice of Medicine, Charing Cross Hospital; Examiner in Medicine,
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altogether, it may usually be taken to show either that the threatened ex-
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of the patients were males, and undoubtedly neurasthenics. The
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number of filarial embryos in the peripheral circulation indicates a multiple infection with
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to the unpractised eye, until a single drop of any fluid
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tutions of England and Wales, and to those engaged in
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ally finding one, especially as a patch of striated muscle has been de-
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thoroughly well rounded. If a vulcanite instrument is used the point
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glance. To find these numbers we simply have to divide the equiva-
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more particularly in cases of peritonitis due to perforation. But the
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the table. The slowness is due chiefly to delay at the turn and not to
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Clinical Lectures on Diseases of "Women and Children — Notice of 77
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— the bath treatment, if the appliances are at hand, can be applied more
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injured during the course of a purulent dacryocystitis.
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I am afraid that these somewhat disjointed remarks form a very
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Child Kortality ui England. — From a recent edito-
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rtirs. I have given 2 grains hourly, in the case of a female affected with
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ness ; that such reports, though often indefinite and vague.
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injury from its mother. No doubt occurrences of this nature do
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without any other factor entering in; it is not even certain whether
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kind of action of the vessels, which results in a morbid alteration of
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of the highest importance that they severally should exercise great
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murmur alone is by no means diagnostic of the complication. Bradycardia
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never contains tubercle bacilli and hence cannot be a
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one frequent abnormal constituent, or the absence of any normal con-
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tion is, how far will the results be permanent ? My impression is that with
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refers to a girl, aged eighteen years, who, a month after an enteric
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over the growth to the base, or point of attachment. By tight-
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diffusion. The concentration of a given substance in
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