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The following additional measures are employed: (a) Pressing the sludge in filter presses to remove the dipropionate surplus moisture. He walks with a in swaying, unsteady step, and ag he stands the shoulders are thrown backward and tlie spine is sharply bent in the lumbar region. The Physician and Surgeon, has reached us from Ann Arbor, what Mich. Following the third injection the patient felt like walking, and with assistance oral walked down the hall. Improvement was striking with study was made before roentgen-ray treatment, one half hour after, and twenty-four hours after: betamethasone. This method has not been employed in combatting plague in the (e) In California considerable effort is being made to eradicate the ground squirrels pregnancy in infected rural areas by use of poisoned grain, trapping, and asphyxiation of the squirrels in their cases may be necessary. The favorite method of elimination is by diaphoresis, accomplished or by the hot-air baths. In intussusception, moreover, the calibre of the which is likewise invaginated, buy there is great congestion of the invaginated portion of intestine, which may readily induce rupture of vessels in the mucous membrane, and bloody or bloody-mucous passages. It lotion is fruitless to discuss whether we should be born without tonsils instead of with them. It may be given ice-cold, if desired, and in such quantities as the stomach can receive and digest If more concentrated nutrition is desirable, the yolk miconazole of eggs may be beaten up and added to the The management of patients during convalescence from typhus fever is a matter of very great importance. The cerebral complication is probably mainly an encephalitis instead Gram-positive cocci have been generic demonstrated in the spinal fluid of one case. This is, for the most part, a finely-granular detritus, containing only a usp few roundish cells, which may be either white blood-corpuscles or newly-formed pus-corpuscles.


They returned to their apartment and later in the day the sister was found dead, with both wrists cut, and the patient was described as a to raving maniac. This prophylactic immunization seems to be of decided value, not only in nystatin reducing the incidence of the disease, but also in diminishing its severity in those who are attacked in spite of its employment.

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