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F., who came from America where she had contracted rheumatoid

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It may be the slightest external contact, the touch of the

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bathed with mucus. The os should be found low down in the

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originating in the swelling of a hair follicle and its immediate neigh-

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activity of tlie whole organ, body and cervix, would render in-

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of the sacrum, the external os admitting two fingers. The membranes

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The old name of idiopathic erysipelas should be preserved, because

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crease of the fluid, nervousness, and all its Protean

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mentioned) was mildly in favor of resection. It seems to

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tablets. The evil of all this can readily be appreciated ;

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From Hopkins he went to the University of California at Berkeley

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origin from an aponeurolis to be afterwards defcribed. In

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rial, Historical, Forensic, and Miscellaneous; Selections from Journals; Correspondence, Ac.

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lary canal, and on its outside a number of small lines or grooves

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haemorrhage, by a greater relative determination of blood to this viscus ;

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pal guides in the practice, which lias been adopted with great success.

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The enlargements are not generally noticed until they have existed

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adopted before entering the hospital, except that the physician

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the thigh at the upper third, of attempting to force all the blood con-

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tached from the greater tuberosity by the kick of a boot, was sus-

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population. This same article of dress interferes with

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almost universally used. The sulphate of quinia will promptly interrupt

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consequence of these troubles and investigations that one of

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such a plateau-shaped pulse was produced by too strong a tension of the spring or,

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to the climate at high altitudes, but the risk of chill is to a

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tion safer than the abdominal, for the reason that the vaginal incision

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He had long been troubled with urinary difficulties, but the

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nominate lesions, without success. The reason for the

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various channels, as has been shown so strikingly by Pawlow and his