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communication of the disease from animal to animal by
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which had been increasing in severity for seven davs.
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cence, the filthiness of our patients' bodies and especially of their
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have been for the greater part restricted to the microscopical study of
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of the T4th, with Drs. Tamborninoand Borge, veterinary doctors
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ticing with Dr. Ahlfs in Caledonia for the past two years.
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these low places it is often of a deep reddish color, pi
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This fever did not, however, attract the attention of
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the paralysis in a few minutes. This is not a local effect
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been unable to determine the nature of the organism causing the
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of the posterior wall, near the cardia, that infiltrate towards the
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wound falls exactly in the boundary between cornea and sclera.
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the kangaroo), capable of serving as the intermediate host of the
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felt in the circulatory system. Cyanosis of the face, sometimes of
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Recognition of this group of nerve fibers occurred in the course
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in great pain, there being extreme tenderness in the left inguinal
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be kept rigidly confined to bed until the amount of albumin has fallen
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on “The Pathology of Spinal Cord Tumors”; and Dr.
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tened lenses,. They require something more potent— something
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tested for their nutrient value as culture media. In order to make the
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in some individuals a fSailure frequently takes place,
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C. F. Reynolds, Denver, Colo Guelph, Ontario Hereford cattle
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nated. It is an exceedingly clever invention. — Our Dumb
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zontal plane, supposing the long axis of the heart to be vertical. At
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in the larynx and 1550 cases of malignant tumors. Of
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{From the George Williams Hooper Foundation for Medical Research of the Uni-
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The sentiments expressed in a paper which I had the honor
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been my friend), but actually called attention to it in an editorial comment.
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hqiud, which on rest, deposits fine, flaky particles.
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have never used anything in cases of severe burns that gave so much satisfac-
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bacillu-. The health statistics of Albany did not show