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Price, visiting ophthalmologist ; Dr. M. Rosenbaum, assist-
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The low specific gravity of the fluid, as in my case, is usually looked
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four hours in a 2 to 4 per cent, solution of formalin can be boiled without
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influence upon the production of habit-chorea. In 106 cases the incip-
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ureter, however, was accomplished, and twenty-eight grammes of a
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showed no reaction ; neither of these had typhoid fever. A third gave
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is most marked. In some cases it has not been found on one day, and
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stood and outlined by dividing- the cases into three
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urine is in the majority of cases of cancer decreased
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over each cheek : she had dandruf?, and the outer half of
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the fullest power of a disinfectant consists of a tin
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days from August 9, 1910, amended to read three days
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3. Alcohol and Nephriti>. .\ Clinical Study of 460 Cases
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and the surface of the kidney marked by a number of punctate and
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It is pleasant to record that England has atoned, with the opening
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lung. Five days from the onset of the pneumonia the
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the chair just vacated by Mutter. From 1856, when in his Introduc-
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wide area of subcutaneous tissue around, and the contents of the axilla ; and
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rikisha " men. The disease occurs as a house-epidemic or sporadically, always
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occurred about two hours after meals, relieved by food
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healthfulness of a locality. These annoying insects
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session begins March 28, 1898, and continues for twelve weeks. _
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smears, as well as in sections, from lymphatic tis-
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o])eration impossible. Such patients are hopelessly
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tissue across the pelvis, cannot be called a uterus either in an anatomical
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in a mole formation, hydramnios, or in a chorioepi-
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Left ectopic gestation with rupture. In two weeks the
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has sttidied the action of infusion of senna bv means
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made. Beyond this there is regular advancement for men
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trica only cases in which there is total and perma-
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tube, are well known ; but that these symptoms without pain, with exces-
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more valuable aid to be used in careful conjunction
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calculated to form two fixed points of counter pres-
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well as the loss of her husband was a bad blow to her.
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of an ounce three to six times daily. The purpose of these injections is to
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