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delayed resolution, suppuration, gangrene or other abnormality. The iden-

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section is marked by genius, and to him we owe most of our

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but it is occasionally bilateral. It may begin before any spasms

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He then moved to strike out certain parts of section 4.

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able. Although the latter is not so very frequently the sole,

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Deaths reported 2.274: under five years of age 733; principal

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the advantage of not giving with nitrates or nitrites

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had obtained evidence of this fact by letting two bullets — the

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physiology, the toxicology, the administration, and the thera-

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friend who, with a sorrowful look informed me that "he had

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was variegated, red, gray, white, with areas of coagulation necrosis, with

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Dr. J. J. Pringle, President of the Section, in the Chair.

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smarting and pain are experienced, and a disagreeable discharge from

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September 1, 1890. The predominating repressive principle embodied

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from which it has been obtained depended to a large degree upon

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with the author in his remarks as to the frequent disappearance of

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Hogan, Timothy. Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics. Assistant

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does not give better results than other methods. It diminishes

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The structural and functional integrity of the vesical walls

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the whole precordium ; in the third interspace one inch to the left of

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which is reported in the Journal, led to a somewhat heated dis-

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Conclusions: Pulmonary tuberculosis complicated by tuberculous

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ourselves dealing with a vicious circle of circumstances: a pri-