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We consequently find that (1) a delay in initiating muscular contrac-

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This operation, palliative in the treatment of cancer of the rectum,

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pressors of the hyoid and of the trapezius and sterno-mastoid, and if

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(4) Bacteria, by De Bary, the botanist. Freund thought that

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he passed ninety-five ounces of urine, of specific gravity lOS,*), reduced by fer-

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the other half of the stem was reduced in size by cutting away the

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tion of not being fully bomb-proof, as it was only protected by

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Transactions, vol. x. p. 27. London, 1819. Antiquarian notices of Leprosy

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rich network of lymphatics immediately under the pulmonary

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Here ether is used instead of benzoline, half an ounce being sufficient for

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made with oil of theobroma and glycerinated gelatin.

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Medical Association, 221 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. Second-class postage paid at Sar

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the lung of this animal died of tuberculosis, showing that there

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He had been in the ministry fourteen years, and during this period, and

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says a well-known physician, *'are merely the *cry of the nerves' for

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in which he gives statistics of more than thirty thunderstorms,

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tion plays him false, his terrors are aroused, and in-

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