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with the sdssors or with the knife, apply the sutures, and

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One case, a boy with stone in the bladder, was on the operating

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carbolized gut in No. 2 had entirely disappeared, and its position was

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neuron may be discharged, at one time, impulses which bring about the

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disease excepting one, and that was the result of nervous derange-

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they attempt to give the history of this operation. We believe that

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to involve far greater difficulties than to explain them by indirect or

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as large as a quarter of a dollar. A diagnosis was made of tuberculosis of

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medicine : saltpetre, natron, black salt, and borax.

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fifty cases, which had been under his own observation,

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The author has studied the anthropological character-

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and help of his counsel, and of his generosity in making available every facility

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suffering from lobar pneumonia excrete in their urine at some

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are mainly agricultural. In other words, while the etui is a mat-

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•61405 s.m. Journal of state medicine. Vols. 3-5, 12-

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disease is a unit ; that fever is a friend ; that the great duty of the physi-

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Beck, Dr. J. R., on mammary abs^^ess and its remedy 255

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the character of her offspring, and it should be the

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the Medical Director, he said, that in that case he would

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the profession at large, in order that much good may accrue to the pro-

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that it is a hard necessity which compels a woman to submit to the

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rhythm to the swing of a pendulimi or to the beat of a metronome. After

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times go out in the most unsuitable weather, are found

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present. In addition to the articles we have mentioned, we have

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hemisphere, as compared with the right. I have elsewhere (23) shown

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in the field of urogenital and venereal diseases are almost limit-

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sequences of our actions: the prolongation of life versus

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ing of the small intestines into the large iutestine ;

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*Read before the Michigan State Medical Society, June