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causes originating in our domestic animals, the suppression and
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alcohol be necessary, they should be given every four hours.
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nearly fifty years ago: ' There is a condition of body interme-
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The initial test was done at the University of Utah labora-
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Twenty-Hve Illustrations. Second Revised Edition. F. A Davis
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effect of rays of different wave-length upon it being indicated by the height
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posed under all circumstances, and will exert its effect in a truly
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of beechwood-tar creosote, and contains from 60 to 90 per cent, of creo-
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have used powdered phenolphthalein and 1 per cent alcohoHc solu-
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the posterior lobe of the left side. It was easy to see that they had
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This is a course which breeders of store stock in this country (and especially in
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detached pieces of bone, etc. It is best sometimes to wait a few
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to conceive a more desperate condition than this man was in. This
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The President informed the Convention that Dr. F. Campbell
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tween East and West in the current Cold War struggle. Although neutral in
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miles. He has no pains in the limbs, but cannot move
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will eat, and eat it, and I will eat the other." The duel was not
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nation revealed a deeply lacerated cervix, with a cica-
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during the night, and experienced considerable pain in lower limbs
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chemical agent that the dangerous constitutional symptoms incident to the dis-
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of the collected water, the complaint is called ascites. Dropsy
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If it should come to be proved by more extensive and profound
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Schlesinger, Herbert J. Adjunct Professor of Psychology in
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bill of health. On the voyage one of her crew died from "fever."
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The heart's action is rapid and palpitating. At times there are pain-
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aphasia and of mutism have been recorded as resulting from these causes.
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inches in length : its substance without is fleshy, but within
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than the black snakeroot already spoken of under its
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deflected towards the surface and making its escape.
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